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Gradient Fill Dialog - Colour Picker Issue

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With all the background replacement questions lately I’ve been questioning my own method for this. I’ve tried to follow this method

but am coming unstuck at this point:


When the Color Picker window opened, all I had to do was click on the brown above the hat, to choose it.  Then pressed OK:

I’m unable to choose a colour from my original image layer as I’m now on the gradient fill layer and I can’t get to the original layer without closing the Colour Picker window. What am I missing?

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From memory when I do the selection and then add the gradient layer it pops up the gradient fill dialog box and the gradient layer is automatically already selected. How else can I get to the gradient dialog boxes without being on the gradient layer.

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Oh, I think I understand what you are saying, Yes, I’m clicking outside the original selection, however this selection is now a mask on the gradient layer. Is this where I’m going wrong? The mask is created when I add the gradient layer after making the selection. And sorry, I’m sure this would be much easier with a screenshot

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Ok, first screenshot is how I'm adding the Gradient Layer after making the selection (is this wrong?). In the second screenshot the I've marked with a red arrow where I'm trying to click with the colour picker. It however chooses the colour of the gradient.



and yes, I realise I don't have dither checked in this example.

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and yes, I realise I don't have dither checked in this example.


**Update: I've worked it out. At the top Sample is set to Current Layer. I changed this to All layers and it works as expected now.**

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