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Attached is a 100% crop of a photo I'm having some trouble with.  I haven't noticed this on any other photos from this session, and other than basic RAW editing to adjust WB and noise removal, I haven't edited this area at all.  Is there a way I can fix this, please?  Thanks!

moire fix.JPG

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Add a Channel Mixer layer, and enter these values:

  • Red channel 0, +100, 0, 0
  • Green channel 0, +100, 0, 0
  • Blue channel 0, +108, 0, 0

Then mask it on to the shirt.  You might choose to apply it to the whole shirt, or just loosely to the affected areas.

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Unless, I select the channel in the dropdown at the top, and then the numbers are for the red, green, blue and constant sliders?  Is that right?

It must have been, because that worked.  Thanks again!

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