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anomoly re colour saturation on saving at different sizes

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I resize my files to 960 x 640, 72 dpi for uploading to web pages. 

I've just finished editing a picture which I saved at 12 x 8, 300 dpi for printing and also 960 x 640, 72 dpi for web upload.  Looking at the files next to each other on my ipad, there is a marked difference in the colour saturation of each file - the smaller file which I upload to the web is decreased in saturation whereas the file for printing is as I expect it to be. 

For each file I flattened my layers and prepared the image sizes as stated above.  Why has the saturation diminished?


OK, so after attaching the files to this page it seems like the files look the opposite to my query above, ie, the larger file on the right looks slightly less saturated/vibrant than the smaller file on the left.  Viewing the files in Bridge, they are both the same.  I have not noticed this problem until this last week or so


IMG_0065 three horses in field 2 3 ratio 960 500 0.2 0  no wm.jpg

IMG_0065 three horses in field 12x8 350 1.2 2.jpg

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Firefox set up as per your instructions.  There's a definite difference on my iPad. I upload files to Pixoto into weekly challenges and I only ever use 960 pixels on the longest edge.  I put one on last week and it was really washed out compared to my file.  Not sure how well the image I've attached is going to show up but in the full size file the horses have a definite 'red' saturated look to them but the smaller file shows them as brown


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I kind of guessed you'd say that and I've just uploaded both versions of the file to my Adobe portfolio website and they appear to be the same so i guess there's no issue.  I was just wondering what the issue was as it's a recent problem - it seems strange that a file would lose saturation on resize

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