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Keeping an object in proportion


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Hi Damien,

My task is to take a "blank" picture frame and install images in the frame.  The images are different sizes, so I need to change the size of the frame, but without distorting the frame.  The frame should always be  2" all around.  Is there a way to adjust the size/shape of the frame without distorting it?

The 2" frame will need to fit around these image sizes:  12x30, 13x30, 13x22, 20x30, 24x30, 20x24, 12x16...and others.  I'm trying to start with the image size and place the frame around it.  I have about 140 images to do, in probably 16 sizes/shapes.

Images below have inside frame dimensions of  24x24 (squares) and 11x17 (donuts)


Square Frame copy.jpgFive-Food-Groups-canvas-Framed-richard-hall-canvas-giclee.jpgGoing-Green-pedal-tractor-framed-richard-hall.jpg



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I have it in psd, 85 mb file.

I have my own wide format printer, Epson 9800 and have printed from Adobe RGB for 10 years.  I really don't want to go through and change all of my files to srgb because they will print differently.

But I can start with this one.

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I don't have an instant fix for this, sorry.  You'll need to use your frame master file to create (by chopping, moving and masking) various other frame master files at the exact required sizes.

Thankfully, the transparency will make this easier.

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