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skin imperfections


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Dear Damien, what would you suggest in order to make her right arm better looking? 

Also, the flags have extreme blacks and highlights. I think it is acceptable since their contribute is graphic and I don't mind to loose details but.. does it make it less 'professional'?

FYI I am from a uncalibrated monitor but I have a term to meet and cannot wait to be back from the holidays to edit this. Hope colors are acceptable.

Thanks a lot!


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Do you mean the flag's shadow? Her left arm looks acceptable to me, but I am happy to make it better, if needed.

My main concern was the slight cellulite which is more visible on her right arm. She has flags' shadows on her face and left arm but they don't bother me.



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Many thanks for the help!

I am leaving the laptop soon. Handyman method looks great, even if I did in a a rush. I will do the edit from scratch when I am back, during your nighttime. 

Any other suggestions for the edit? Does it look good overall (saturated flags and sky included)?

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