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I'd skip this computer.

What really sticks out is the "Integrated Graphics." With today's Adobe Software, it's MUCH better to get a computer that has a separate video card, with it's own dedicated Video Memory. You should be able to get a decent computer for around £600. (Which is about $1200 US, give or take.)

Take a look at this Dell, from a big-box store here in the US:

Dell XPS 8900

While it's not Earth-shattering, it will do the job for a smaller budget. Keep in mind, you could always add a 2nd SATA HD or even a SSD drive, so it being 1TB isn't that bad. See how it lists "Separate Dedicated Video?" if you see something along the lines of "Intel HD Graphics," or "Intel Integrated Graphics," stay clear of the machine. Or else budget for adding a video card to be installed into your new computer.

Why am I making a big deal about this?

Adobe's current software is utilizing the Video Graphics Processor and Video Memory for a performance boost. You'll see the performance increase when you use things like the liquefy tool and general usage. Gone are the days of just having a fast CPU making the biggest difference. In fact, when it comes to Photoshop, there is only a 5%-10% speed increase with an Intel i7 over a i5. Why? Because software code needs to be written to take advantage of the architecture of the i7. If it's not programmed to use it, the software ignores the extra features. Photoshop is one of those programs. So here is what to look for as a reference:

  • i5 or i7 CPU
  • 1TB HD 7200 RPM
  • 8GB RAM / 16GB Preferred
  • Separate Dedicated Video Graphics Chip with it's own memory. 1GB Video RAM is fine for the "average" person.

Keep in mind, that you can never have enough RAM, Hard Drive Space or CPU speed. That hasn't changed, but for the lower-budgets my 4 key things work for the majority. As soon as you start adding SSD Drives and better video cards and better power supplies, the price goes up. For giggles, I priced-out a "Brian Computer." I stopped at $2700 just for the computer. When I'm done, I'm sure I will be around the $3500 mark. Of course, this "Bitchin' Speed Demon" will be obsolete in a few years.

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