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Damien Symonds

Windows 11

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Hi Brian, what will your advice be when Windows 11 starts to roll out (apparently later this year)?  Get on board early, or wait and watch?

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Wait & watch. You will probably need a new computer as well, due to the additional requirements of the TPM Chip. I'm in the same boat. Not to mention the compatibility of CS6 for you, and it may not work with Windows 11. Again, I'm not sure.

2025 is a few years off. :)

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I'm using Photoshop CC now, but I still have CS5 for a plug-in that I haven't found for CC yet.  I'll miss that, for sure.

Thanks.  I'll be waiting.

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Microsoft is really going in a new direction, as they are trying to redo Windows 8 all over again and have either the same OS or a similar looking OS on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Watches and the like. I don't like this, it's a recipe for another disaster. Not to mention of all the potential hardware compatibility issues. Windows 10 will still be supported and have updates / patches  until 2025, so I'm in no hurry.

Oh, remember Microsoft's History...

Every other OS is the "Good" one.

  • Windows 1.0 - "Meh"
  • Windows 2.0 - "Better"
  • Windows 3.0 - "Almost there"
  • Windows 3.1 - Great
  • Windows for Workgroups 3.11 - "Meh"
  • Windows 95 - Great!
  • Windows 98 - Meh.
  • Windows 98SE - Great!
  • Windows ME - Sucked
  • Windows XP - Great!
  • Windows Vista - Sucked
  • Windows 7 - Great!
  • Windows 8 - Sucked
  • Windows 8.1 - Still kinda sucked, but a little better
  • Windows 10 - Great
  • Windows 11 - ????

If there is any indication of history repeating itself, Windows 11 is probably going to be a train-wreck. I'm actually thinking a Windows "11.1" will be in our future. :)

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