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Photoshop edits are not stacking automatically in Lightroom

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Hi guys

I did a workshop recently and was interested to see that when the photographer edited in photoshop from Lightroom the edited file came back to Lightroom and automatically stacked. I can't seem to get this to work, I have gone into "External Editing" and ticked "stack with original" but it doesn't seem to stack.  I have to manually do it, which is a pain.  Ideas on how to get this to work?



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A couple questions:

1. How are you saving your file after doing your PS edits?  Just a simple Save, or are you doing a Save as?

2. What sort mode do you have your LR files set to in this folder?  (Go to the Library module, and see if it's set to sort by Capture Time, or Date Modified, or what.)

3. What exactly is happening when your file is saved -- is the edited PSD/TIFF file going by itself to the very end of the filmstrip?  Are the edited file and the original going together to the end of the filmstrip?  Is the edited file going to a random spot?  

4. And finally, how's your general system health?  http://www.damiensymonds.net/thread1.html

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