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What's the best way to remove the hand from this image


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Hi there,

Here's the image I'm trying to work on. I will clean up the background as well, but for now I'm wondering what the easiest way to remove the hand is while keeping the details. I have the feeling the see-through lace will be tricky, but let's see what you say regardless.

Thanks for the help, please let me know if you need more information.





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I tried content-aware fill, didn't work. Tried solid color layer and masking - the above happened. I've now returned to the raw and I'm starting again. With the masking, too, because I seem to have lost the mask along the way somewhere. But hey, it's practice... 

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Yeah - I was following the original background. But then I cleaned it up some more. Still not perfect, but getting to that "good enough" stage. How do I go about adding a fake shadow? I kept the real one because I couldn't get a radial gradient looking anywhere near OK there. And for the record - the non-banding background replace tute is AMAZING!! 


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