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Can you fix my shoe? :)

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Seriously. I had to rush and get a family photo done for a school project for my daughter, so I did this with a timer. Only one face swap, I was so proud! And then I saw my stupid shoe. I only have one image with the shoe on my foot, but I can't get it to look right (it was taken when I was sitting down). Any suggestions? 



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Well, I duplicated the background layer, and rotated it so the shoe was roughly vertical:


I pressed Enter to commit that transformation, then lowered the opacity, and Ctrl T again to put it into place more carefully, including stretching it taller:


I turned off that layer for a bit, and made a clone layer to get rid of the old shoe:


Turned the new shoe layer back on, and masked it:


Then used a Hue/Sat layer to add a tiny bit of darkening at the heel, where shadow was needed:


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