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changing focus point in D7200


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I have a new Nikon D7200.  I normally shoot with a single focus point.  I have figured out how to move to focus point when I'm in live view but I can't for the life of me figure out how to move the focus point when I'm using the viewfinder.  The camera seems to choose the focus point for me rather than my being able to move it to where I want it to be.


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Here is the Nikon D7200 Manual. Start on Page 83 and read through page 91. Press the AF Mode Button on the lower front left portion of the body and rotate the rear dial. You want to flip it from "Auto" to where it's blank on the rear display. (like the video) That should turn on the AF points for you to manually set them. Then you press and hold the AF Mode Button (again) on the front of the camera and rotate the FRONT DIAL of the camera to toggle between AF-S (Single Focus Mode) and AF-C (Continuous Focus Mode.)



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