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Info on screen on Nikon D7200


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Hi Brian,

There is a tiny screen on the top of my Nikon 7200 which shows my shooting info and it's driving me crazy; I want the info to show on the back of the camera like it does on my other nikon bodies.  I know I can get it to show there temporarily but is there a setting I'm missing that will allow it to show there all of the time?  I keep looking at it and seeing a blank screen and I think my camera has been turned off (since I don't usually use live view).

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Hit the INFO button on the rear of the camera. If you want the LCD to stay on longer, you set the duration in the setup menus. I'd choose something like 20 seconds or longer. If you want the rear display to be on all the time with the info, that's not a good idea. Honestly, it drains your battery and gets annoying after awhile when putting your camera up to your eye.

You'll want to head to the Pencil Menu and look for the Shooting / Display menu. From there I'd set your camera's meter duration to 8 seconds. Then look for "Monitor Off Delay" My D700 is menu C4, which is Timers/AE Lock Sub-Menu. I have mine set to:

Playback 10 seconds

Menus 20 seconds

Shooting info display 10 seconds <-- This is the one you really want to dork around with. When you hit the info button, the camera settings appear on the rear display. The longer you have this set, the longer the screen remains illuminated. Yes, you have to hit the info button. :)

Image Review 4 Seconds


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