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Lens wipes


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Hey Brian, I've got some stubborn prints on the front of one of my lenses and my daughters glasses wipes keep calling out to me.  I just dont know if they are safe to use on camera lenses?  I've only used the microfiber clothes in the past. 


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On 1/18/2022 at 2:30 PM, Brian said:

No. The “fragrance” is what kills it. 

You need one of these instead:

 Nikon Complete Lens Cleaner Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000EF3YQI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_ES7S2W56KFBTAG3Q4PWE

I highly recommend buying this:


Thank you!  I know you shoot Nikon, but these should work with any brand, correct?

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Nikon is and was first an "Optics" Company. Basically, Nikon is slapping their logo on other company's stuff. LOL!! The things I recommended will work fine, regardless of brand.

Tidbit: A long time ago, Nikon and Canon were partners. Nikon made the lenses and Canon made the camera bodies. I think this was just after WWII ended. So the whole Nikon vs. Canon thing is just Marketing BS. Kinda like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The media set out to make them "enemies," but the truth is, they were all really good friends.


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I went ahead and ordered both!  🙊  I always learn so much no matter what I ask - I appreciate it!  I've often wondered why I didnt go Nikon right out of the gate (as of now I've invested too much $ in canon to switch, though at some point I know I'll have to go mirrorless) as I've heard it has a higher dynamic range.  Thoughts on canon vs nikon dynamic range?

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On 1/25/2022 at 8:13 PM, MamaMonkey said:

Thoughts on canon vs nikon dynamic range?



I'm past the point of being a Measurbator and wondering about this (insert fancy chart #'s) vs (that fancy chart numbers) and getting into arguments. It's not the gear, it's the stupid photographer controlling the camera. That's what matters. Buy better lenses. Take classes, improve your editing workflow. Go somewhere different and the most important thing...if you want to produce photographs of cool and interesting things, here is the answer....shhhh!!!



People always want to buy their way out of shit, thinking there is some secret to gear. I have a Nikon D4s Camera and a Nikon D850. Both are expensive and fancy cameras. I have the f/2.8 "Professional Grade" Lenses that some drool about buying. I have spent over $20,000+ on this shit. The D4s was Nikon's Flagship Body in 2014. (I think, too lazy to Google it.)

Guess what? I still take crappy photos with expensive gear!!! Yep. No matter how much money I pour into equipment, and yes...fancy equipment does make it easier to take photos, and Professional Grade Lenses do make a huge difference, I won't lie, but in reality...it starts with me.

With that out of the way, Nikon vs Canon vs Sony. "Meh." Either. Worried about Dynamic Range? Take a better photograph and get it right in-camera than trying to fix it later in post. Seriously! People talk about Dynamic Range like it's Horsepower or Torque or something. If you properly exposed your damn camera in the first place, you aren't worried about Dynamic Range in Post. Just think...printers that produce physical prints only have so much Dynamic Range that in no-way matches what a modern camera produces. It just won't. There are 5 levels of range between completely dark and completely bright: 

(Black/Dark)     XXX | XXX | XXX | XXX | XXX     (White/Light)

That's it when it comes to prints. That's the Dynamic Range for Physical Media. 18% Grey/Gray is almost in the middle. That's why we strive for 18% Grey/Gray.

I don't care if Nikon/Canon/Sony has a 100 billion levels of Dynamic Range, it won't make that much a difference when it comes to prints. Digital only? Do you know how many people are using un-calibrated displays? How many people view your photos on their smartphones in crappy lighting? We have enough trouble trying to convince photographers in Ask Damien to get calibrated, and you'd think that PHOTOGRAPHERS would be concerned about color more than anyone!! But nope, Calibration seems like a Mystical Art for many, complete with Potions and Chants. :D 

So to actually answer your question: Any one of today's modern cameras out-performs "Professional Flagship Bodies" from 10+ year ago. Think about it. ANY camera body, including basic entry-level Canon Rebel-type bodies. They are better than the top of the line cameras in years' past. If you have problems producing photos that you want in 2022, buying a whole new Camera Brand / Lens System is not going to make it all better. It will however, cost you money. 

Now for which brand. I say this to everyone: Try holding a camera in your hand. Go through the menus, see if they make sense. Does the camera body feel comfortable in your hands. Is it something that you could walk around with for a day and not think about it?

When I switched over from Film to Digital in 2007, I actually held several Canon bodies and liked them a lot. But I could not stand the menu system. The little symbols and characters that made of the setting choices and focus modes did not make sense in my brain. I like words. Nikon's Menu System filled this role quite easily. "Focusing Mode," Display Brightness, etc. etc. That's the terms Nikon uses. Not a little tiny red icon next to a blue icon.

Finally, if you are going to jump on the Mirrorless Bandwagon, keep this in mind: I don't care what fancy OEM adapter you use, MIrrorless Lenses that were designed to be used on Mirrorless Bodies WILL ALWAYS PRODUCE BETTER RESULTS. So if you do switch, budget to replace ALL your lenses with the MIrrorless versions. Granted, you can make things work with existing equipment, but a new set of lenses will be required to get the most out of your new camera body.

Whichever brand you choose.

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