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Moiré on man's shirt


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Hello again,

This is a 100% crop. Image is SOOR having already received a few ACR adjustments - (no sharpening).
Damien - you've helped me with this once before and I'm all ears if you have a tutorial for this. (I have joined the RAW class and am working through it now).

Yes - the moiré appears at 100% in PS. Yes, the moiré appears on the camera - it's right there in the capture and I spotted it whilst shooting and moved location and position.
Fortunately, I think this is the only one from their session - phew!

I hope you can help with a save on this one.

Thanks in advance. 


Shirt moire IMG_9103.jpg

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Sorry - this is my white balance. I'm currently working through your RAW class and this is the best I could manage.
I used the measurements and added +5 blue in the blue channel to match his shirt colour. I'm pretty happy - what do you think?


Shirt moire fix.jpg

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