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Portraiture in Photoshop CC

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I hope Im posting this in the right section. I upgraded to photoshop CC this year, and I don't use Portraiture much, however I am using it for a particular session and when I run it it says "The command Portraiture is not currently available", before the CC upgrade it was working fine, Im not sure how to re-install it or what could be wrong with it. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


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9 hours ago, delfinakphotography said:

Also, when I go to FILTER in CC it does not show Imagenomic Plug in, so im not sure what im doing wrong.

I don't know either, but that's definitely what you have to sort out first.  Your action has no chance of running if the plug-in doesn't exist properly.

Are you sure you followed the plug-in installation steps to the letter?

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