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I got an email from the mom about the picture for her son's yearbook photo. They said to ask the photographer to blur the background so it doesn't look like it's an outdoor photo. I tried a gaussian blur, but I'm getting a weird blue line above his shoulder. Should I be using a different blur tool? Thank you for any help. I'll post a before and after.



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Thanks so much. Now I'm at the gradient layer. Totally lost here. I watched the video with the gray background and the baby with the blue balloon, but I'm not sure what exactly I'm supposed to do with it at this point. The "draw with a gradient from a bottom up" part especially.

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I know. That will be my next class for sure.

So the blur copy was actually a little cloning I had to do. (I'm guessing I didn't do as well as I thought with the original cloning layer.) So I need to do the gradient on the "a little cloning" mask, right? Or do i do it on the "BLUR copy" mask? And which way do I draw the line for the gradient? When I go from bottom to top, I get this:

Do I have to mask again after applying the gradient? I didn't see that in the Blurring a background tutorial.


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