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Validity of checking skin tones using LAB in info Palette

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Just wanted to know your thoughts on Andrew Rodney's video.  He calls into question of using CMYK to validate skin tones since there are so many 'standards'.    He suggests using the LAB values instead of CMYK when using the info palette.  Have you any experience in this area and what are your thoughts of using LAB vs CMYK values?  Video below



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I definitely agree with this points about the shortcomings of CMYK.  But to suggest that LAB is the solution is nonsense.  If you must use numbers for skintones, just use the RGB ones you already have.


I urge you to avoid using numbers altogether.  It's photography, not mathematics.  LOOK at the photo.

If you need help looking at a photo to see what the skin needs, feel free to post it here so I can help you.  And I almost guarantee I'll help you fix it with the use of Photo Filters.

A bit more reading:


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