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Purple glass glare

Inês Maia

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Hi Damien,

I just signed up to your page today, but have been following on facebook as well.

I was wondering if you could help with this glass glare, which has a weird purple colour. I attached the picture with two crops for the eyes, each one has different "levels" of glare... I have some more pictures with this purple hue.

Thank you!!






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Yes, I'm here at the moment. But now I have no idea how to put that histogram looking like yours... 

Is there a way to see what I'm selecting when I'm masking?

Sorry, I have my program in portuguese. I've tried to change it to english, because it is easier to follow, but the only option I get for languages is portuguese 😅


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yeah, found it and i 've done that eye! feeling dumb now 😶

Having a hard time with the other now. i was able to add the channel mixer and the levels layers. But cannot figure out the previous steps. How do you blur the hard line in the purple and then turn the purple to grey?

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