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Hi Damien

Just had Santa here this afternoon to take some test images. Hoping you can help me achieve a similar look to those images we discussed with the tone mapping?

I already have the NIK collection installed.

Link is here: http://clarksvillesanta.daphnesportraitdesign.com/

An image of mine is attached.


Many thanks in advance!

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Oops so just to clarify, the white balance is the only issue here?

I've followed your flow chart through whilst working on this but I'm very much still training my eyes so thanks for your patience with me.

I've used my pure white wall (not brightly lit) to select for white balance. The results weren't accurate when using the snowmen on the baby's romper or santa's white fur.

Should I be posting in the raw section if this is a million miles away from correct?



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1 minute ago, Damien Symonds said:

Oh, if only you could!  I hope that you will jump at the chance to upgrade to Deluxe when it arises.

Right, cheers for your help. Enjoy that beer I sent cash over for today.

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Just now, Damien Symonds said:

No, the white balance is still wrong.

I hear you, but I've tried the methods in your class, re-read the chapters suggested, tried again and I fully realise this is a case of me just not being able to see it how it should be.

So without any more guidance, which I appreciate you can't give here to people who haven't paid for it... and with your admission that you don't know how to get the effect I'm after anyway.... then right now I reckon I'm best shelving this until I can go over it with somebody who might be able to help me.

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