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Dell U2713H Monitor calibration issues

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I have this monitor: http://www.dell.com/ed/business/p/dell-u2713hm/pd

I am pulling my hair out trying to get it properly calibrated.  I tried Damien's way first but that wasn't doing it.  Then started researching online and found videos and tutorials.  I've tried a few.  The latest one was this one: https://fstoppers.com/originals/hardware-lut-calibration-dell-wide-gamut-monitors-104826

The issue I am having is the pictures on my screen IN Photoshop look great (to me) and are the colors I want.  When I look at them on Facebook or even the Window's photo viewer, the skin tones are way too red.  I know you're thinking FB and photo viewer aren't color managed.  I got test prints to see how they printed...They are too red in the skin tones too.  The prints actually match window's photo viewer. 

Anything else I can try?  I will attach pictures of my recent edits.  I have seen a lot of people online saying how difficult it is to calibrate this monitor.  I did have it calibrated once before when I first joined the Raw class last year and the prints matched my screen but have tried to recalibrate 2 times since and it hasn't been right either time.





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I have prints from when I originally joined the raw class last year that I used. 

The prints I ordered last week I ordered to see if they were truly as red as they appeared on facebook and photo viewer.

None of the prints are matching. 

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By the way, which technology type are you choosing?


I'd expect it to be Wide Gamut CCFL, unless you have better information.

Also, is this the only screen you have connected to your computer?

Also, do you have any other computers in the house you can try calibrating, to make sure the calibrator itself isn't faulty?

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