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Help please. I've made a selection of a dogs head (which I want to transfer on top of another image). I used the refine edge to get the hair in, but when I've clicked OK to finish refine edge, it makes a black mask layer. How do I reselect the dogs head(get marching ants around the refined selection) so I can copy and paste to the other image?

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First, open the donor image and select a generous chunk around the dog:


Then open the base image and paste the dog onto it:


Immediately change the layer to a Smart Object, then change its blend mode to "Difference":


Ctrl T to get the transform handles.  Zoom in as far as needed, and line up the tree branches just above the dog's head as accurately as possible.  Then Alt-click on them to set the middle point there, then rotate to line up the grass around the dog's legs also as accurately as possible.  In my play, I also found I had to enlarge the dog a tiny bit.


Once it's all lined up as accurately as you can, put the blend mode back to Normal, hide the dog completely with a black mask, then paint it in.  (I've shown the mask in red view here):


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