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I need some PS help that is beyond my knowledge base. I am working on a SL for a Moravian Lovefeast. I need the word "LOVEFEAST" on the cup and the dessert plate. I have taken a picture of the cup and plate. I have also made a PSD file of the word "lovefeast" in my choice of font. I know how to place the word on my image so that I can resize. Not sure if I use place embedded or placed linked. Next, I am not sure how to curve it for the plate or make it look correct on the cup. I know where to place the word but not how to curve it.

I did crop the photo as I am working on the word to go on the cup and plate and not the complete still life. I did a bit of ACR editing. Here are my files. My word file is PSD but I couldn't upload it here and had to use PNG. I will resize it at the appropriate time when I do the complete SL scene.

BTW, I was sorry to hear you were sick. I so hope you are feeling much better.

iIMG_1607.thumb.jpg.686e802a560c93dcb8321740708531d6.jpg    LOVEFEAST.thumb.png.eb7d7de24bfee8ec355bcbd845ae4656.png

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I got hungry for the Lovefeast Bun and Moravian cookies. So took my Lovefeast pictures tonight. The picture will be there soon. AND, I left plenty of crap space to crop later on. I been reading stuff you send people who post to read.

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