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windows 10, cant open bridge 13.0.1

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I have a PC desktop running Windows 10 and Photoshop 23.5.3. It is over 2 years old, and has 16GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 607GB free out of 915GB. The last time I shut down was earlier today. I run a cleanup program about once a week.  Dell XPS 8930


Hey Brian, I am currently running photoshop 23.5.3 because the update was buggy, but what is perplexing me the most is I cannot open Bridge 13.0.1, so I've reverted  back to 12.0.3.  Have you heard of anyone else having this problem? 

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Honestly? There is all sorts of weird problems with this round of latest updates, and I've got nothing. I'm thinking it might be a video driver issue, and you will need to check Dell's support site to update it. Or I could be completely wrong and Adobe just released half-baked software. (Which is very likely.)

Other than that, I'd recommend going back a version of when things worked last.

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