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Removal of background (transparent)

Inês Maia

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Hi Damien,


This is a bit of a different request. I'm working on a scientific poster and I wanted to add this picture to it but without the background, so that i only have the tubular structure. What would be the best option for this, if there is one? 😅  The picture was taken with my cellphone so I don't have a raw version of it..


My idea is to do something like this, so to put it on top of a circle. 





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Okay, well, there's no technical difficulty to this job, it will just take AGES.

  1. Convert the Background layer to a Smart Object.
  2. Rotate to straighten: https://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/01/straightening-horizons.html
  3. Add a Solid Color layer of orange then drag it below the image layer. (It doesn't have to be orange, but I think that will provide the most contrast in this case.)
  4. Add a mask to the image layer, then zoom in and start painstakingly masking around the structure.  Use your Shift key: https://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/10/shift-while-brushing.html
  5. Once the entire background is orange, turn off the orange layer so that the entire background is transparent.
  6. Save as a PSD (not PNG) ready to use in your design.
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