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Providing client images for website

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Hi Damien,


I have read your article about sizing for web best practices etc but I've had a client request images that are 1500 px on the longest side but no larger than 500kb. What is the best way to ensure this because my 1500 px images are coming out at least 700 kb or does 200kb not really matter?

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You'd have to ask your client about that.  There may be some server-side issues why they have a KB limit on their images (though I'd give them a serious side-eye, since most servers should have the bandwidth to handle images that are much larger than 500KB).  But if that's the client's limit, that's the client's limit.

How are you saving these files?  What JPG quality level out of PS?  I'd imagine going down a quality level (assuming you're not already at or below about quality 9) should do it for you.

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