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Getting Raw photos off iphone13

Kellie W

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Now, Apple does not make this easy. They really want you to use their iCloud Service or if you have a Mac, use AirDrop. Your phone isn't like a true camera; meaning you have to think differently. Honestly, the best way that I've found is to purchase EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. I will warn you though, while the trial is free, if you want to use this program long-term, you are going to pay for it. Like $180 pay for it. Otherwise you are forking out $100 a year. 

Here are some instructions. You are looking for "Phone to Computer." Before buying anything, download the free trial and see if you can transfer a photo or two. Here are some instructions.

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Apple wants you in their whole Ecosystem. Using iCloud, their Photos App, the whole sha-bang. As soon as you start thinking like a Photographer, who just wants the Raw files to be edited in Photoshop / ACR...things get tricky; ahem...just a royal pain-in-the-ass to accomplish.

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