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Test Prints Vary

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I figured I'd kill 2 birds, if you will. I had 2 objectives. First, to calibrate my screen. Second, decide between my 2 labs' prints. I decided to pick 10 photos, and using the same files, I ordered both matte and lustre prints from both labs.

I'm amazed and super frustrated at the difference between the prints! I know the look between matte and lustre is different, but didn't expect them to have such different colors. (I also was surprised at the different amount of shine between Kodak and Fuji lustre prints!) And of course the two matte prints from different labs are different. And I use yet another lab for my metal and canvas prints, etc. 

So now what? Just decide which lab I'll use for what paper and match that? Or something else? Just look at these skies!!!



Oh, and I did read about soft proofing, but I don't think that is a solution here, right? That's just for helping with out-of-gamut colors? 


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