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Number of Colors

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I dunno. I think I've lost my mind. The prints are warmer and pinker than my screen. I've tried re-doing the calibration with different color temps, per your instructions online. That didn't work. I tried using SpyderTune, and I feel like I can get the subject to look right, but then the sky or background is totally wrong. Also, I'm thrown by the Red vs Blue and Purple vs Green. I tried pushing it towards Red and towards Purple - going for warm and pink - but it's just not working right.

I'm going to quit for the night and try again tomorrow.

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Yep, still working on it.

Are any of these better or worse for the prints I'm trying to match? I have avoided using the orange tree leaves and the aqua jacket to compare. (I chose these as they are to give to my sister and parents, and I got multiple copies of each...)


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