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Multiple Windows in Bridge

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Ok, feel free to tell me I shouldn't even HAVE 3 open windows in Bridge, but - I usually have 3 open windows.  Current session I'm editing, next session I'll be editing (so the thumbnails are ready to be culled without waiting) and my "black & white" folder where the BW conversion images go and then are renamed and moved to the current session folder.  

That being said - in CS6 and CC, when I restart the program (or computer), only one window reopens.  In CS5 and CS4, it always reopened all of my 3 windows.  Is there a setting to adjust this?  

It may seem trivial, but anything that saves me a minute is worth it with 2 kids running around making chaos.  Thank you for your time.  

(and also thank you for teaching me that I don't need to use finder at all!  I also figured out that I can move files straight from Bridge into my online gallery!  More time saved!)

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