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Before and after images

At first glance you'd think this screen would be handy, but it's surprisingly useless, so ignore it.


Profile Information

Here you can see how close you got to your targets.  My white point is 6483K, which is very close to my 6500K target, I'm very happy with it.  And 78 is easily close enough to my 80 target for brightness.


(If your achieved white point is further than 200K away from the target, that might be another reason to worry about your screen's quality.)

Profile Curves and Volume

This one is a good at-a-glance guide to the quality of your screen.  The straighter the lines on the graph, the better your screen is.

My screen isn't too bad, but the line does get a tiny bit wavy at the top.


I'm always interested to see these graphs, so I'd love it if you could post a screenshot of yours in the comments below, if you feel like it.


Your calibration is finished.  Now it's time to assess it.

Press "Home":


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