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Kellie W

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Brian, I have been dragging my feet on a new purchase to replace my older Macs. I am looking at the following. I have to replace my Mac because you told me awhile ago I didn't buy the newest and best at the time of purchase, so I have to upgrade sooner. ☹️

How are these choices? I want to ensure I get the most time out of my unit, as you know they are pricey. Any suggestions to change would be appreciated.

I keep my photos on an external most of the time and yet on the machine I am using now, its full by your standards, only 115GB left out of 500GB.

Damien, I absolutely hate Windows, so I am resigned to the Mac pricing and I do love how everything ties together. (iphone, iPad, mac, apple tv).

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 6.32.16 PM.png

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Did by chance did you see the Article Pinned at the top? I have a Mac Laptop Section. 

Buying a Mac in 2023.

Now, if you can hold out for another few Months, Apple is going to release the M3 MacBook Pros. Probably announced in October, and you’ll be able to get one in November.

That said, the specs on your screen shot are fine. 

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Well, not the "best" of everything. A lot of what I choose is usually in the middle, or the next level up from the default configuration. Of course, you always start with the model in the right-most column. Even though it's more "expensive," in the long run you actually save money.

"Huh?" "How?"

Apple penalizes you for choosing a lower-priced model when it comes to the upgrades. They will charge you a few hundred dollars MORE, for the same exact damn HD upgrade, than if you went with the more expensive model to begin with. So by going with the most expensive, those upgrades may only cost you $100 more for having better hardware, as opposed to selecting the $1999 model, getting slower components and paying more for the upgrades that you were going to choose anyway. For example, increasing the HD capacity from 500GB to 1TB may cost you $200+ on the lower cost model than if you just spent the money outright.

Apple is notorious for things like this! Go Big or Go Home.

While it's true that I have a natural gift for spending other people's money, there is a method-to-my-madness. I hate wasting money on this shit and having buying remorse. It doesn't do you any good by purchasing something that's "Good Enough," but not ultimately what you should be buying, which is something you "Need." There is a difference. Yes, I usually recommend the higher-priced options, but I build my computers with a 7+ year time-frame in mind. By purchasing something "Affordable," you are in the market within 3-4 years. So you could spend $6000 with say...4 years, or just fork out the $4600 and have it last for 7+ years. KWIM?

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