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Help with Bridge and PS

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Hi Brian,


I'm probably on the wrong forum, but i didn't really know which one to choose 😅

I've seen this happen to some people on the facebook group but really didn't understood what would be the solution.

I installed Photoshop Beta (now unistalled) and now my Bridge is not connecting with my Photoshop, unless I one Photoshop in advance. And when i try to use Image processor in Bridge, it shows the attached warning, even tho i have the most recent version.

Do you know how i can fix this?


Thanks in advance!



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Well, sorry to bother with this again but i'm now getting the above warning again when trying to use image processor in Bridge.

 have updates on creative cloud for Photoshop 24.7.1 and Photoshop 25.0, should i update to one of these?

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