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How can I match the color of these two maternity photos?


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Hi Damien!

I would like to match the colors and the looks of the 1st image to the 2nd image and the 3rd image to the 4th image.

Both the off-white dress and the grey fabric were used. 

Could you please let me know how I can achieve this?  Thank you.





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forgot to mention about the dress and fabric
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Okay, add a Levels layer on each photo, and move the Output sliders on each one.  (Remember, the Output sliders are the ones under the gradient, NOT the ones under the histogram.)

First photo:

  • R 0/240
  • G 0/244
  • B 0/251

Second photo:

  • R 0/249
  • G 0/246
  • B 0/248

Third photo:

  • R 0/236
  • G 0/238
  • B 0/241
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For the first image, the dress color matches better now.  Thanks!

I did the skin edit and tried to fix the over-exposed arm due to the adjustment, but I wasn't sure how to fix the dad's over-exposed white shirt.

Any idea if it's possible to fix this?


For the third photo (dad kissing the belly), I don't think the color of the grey fabric matches to the fourth photo...

Could you please let me know how I can fix this image to match to the fourth image?


Many thanks!








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