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Dell Monitor and Graphics card

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I recently moved, when I set up my PC system, all turned on perfectly.

An alert came up on my Windows 10 system, Intel Graphics card needs updating.

The update removed the old drivers --- then the monitor went blank.

Tried restarting, so maybe the driver might try to reinstall.

Tried starting in safe mode -- maybe a back up driver.

So my monitor cannot detect the graphics card, and stays black.


Any suggestions ?   



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You are most likely going to have to find the Intel Driver from their website via their DSA Tool and not use the Microsoft one. That's probably is what screwed you up. Download the Intel Driver 1st with the DSA Tool, then disconnect from the Internet, by either pulling the Ethernet Cable or shutting off your Wi-Fi. We don't want Windows phoning home to the Microsoft Servers since the Microsoft Intel Driver is messed up. 

To accomplish this, boot into Safe-Mode again. Right-Click on the Start Button and select Device Manager in the list.  Find the Intel Graphics Card Driver and right-click & select Uninstall. You want to remove all drivers if it asks. Now at this point it may want you to reboot. Try avoiding that and see if you can run the installer for the Graphics Driver you just downloaded from Intel. If it won't let you, reboot. Then log into Windows and then load the Intel Driver you just downloaded. Hopefully it will work. Unfortunately, you are going to have to "Dork-Around" with it until you get it what you want it to do. There is no set way that works 100% of the time when it comes to removing drivers. Disconnecting from the Internet helps a lot though.

I found this on Intel's Web Site" https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000039510/graphics.html


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You might have to take it into a local repair shop. I have a few ideas, but they involve another computer. It also helps if you have Windows Pro so you can do remote desktop and see if you can get into it that way.

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harder than I thought — I was hoping somehow I could log into the startup and have it boot to the cd where I could have the driver _- thinking the pc and monitor could see a blue screen — where I could arrow the boot sequence — thank you Brian 

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Yeah, you can boot into the Advanced Startup Options Menu. If there is a restore point from before you messed with the drivers, it should roll things back. It should be under Troubleshoot >> Advanced Menu and labeled as, "Last Good Known Configuration." (I think, it's been awhile since I've had to do this.)

From Microsoft: Advanced Startup Options

Basically, you hit f8 a bunch of times before the Windows Logo Appears, or you hold down F8. From there. Sometimes you hit F11 or I've even seen F10.

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Since the intel update removed my integrated graphics card driver, I had zero monitor.  Therefore impossible to view the prompts to install the driver needed for the graphics card to function.  I contacted Intel --- after answering their queries, they said I needed to reinstall the OS.  I contacted Dell, and answered all of their questions, they said I needed to download my OS and use a drive that would automatically re-install my OS, because it is coded on the motherboard or something to that effect.  Losing all my photos and data that had yet to have been backed up.  I opened up my PC to remove the CMOS battery, and remove any electrical "memory" so to speak.  I looked at the motherboard, and saw some connections directly to it --- HA !  I procured a cord that would connect directly to my motherboard and monitor.   ___  VOILA--- I can see my PC !   All good now, was able to re-load my graphics card driver and update all.  

I am not educated in the computer field, and learn everything by doing --- so I post this in the hope that if this situation resolution helps someone else.  Thank you for being there.  :-)

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Well, you can re-install Windows without having to Nuke everything. But it's not fool-proof. Glad you got things working...


Seriously. Take the time to backup things now, even if it takes a week or so. A data crash / reloading everything should be a time suck and a PITA to do, but not be catastrophic!!


Take this near-death experience of your data and get things backed up.

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