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13 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:

Thanks Damian, so I've done that and I'm ready to pull the plug. Can you please 'walk' me through it/with me, in case I f**k it up somewhere along the way. 

Am I getting this right? All of the previously imported images are in .dmg format in LR catalogue and edited are in .tiff Are the .tiff files are the files I need to keep/move out of the LR into another folder to keep? I'd rather not do another cull in Bridge, I overshoot, so once is bad enough lol.

Do I need the dmgs? Only if I wanted to re-edit?

As you might see from the attached image, I have multiple edit, edit-edit, edit-edit-edit-edit-edit 🫣 How do I decide which edit to keep? The one with the most edits after it's name? I think that was from me bouncing back and forth between LR and PS. 

And yes, I know the images are quite dark 😬🫣😬


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15 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

Hang on, do you mean .dng?

sorry! typos! Shorter keyboard compared to my windows work computer 🫣

Also wanted to add that in another folder, all of my edits seem to be in .dng as well as in .tiff

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9 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:

Great!  Then you're all set. Go ahead and uninstall LR.

And Done!!  Feeling free! 

Now Damien, I am trying to 'merge' my files with RAWs with files with tiffs and dngs. Jeez, I have files here, there and everyf***ingwhere (thanks LR!!).

I have hummed and huffed, 'just let go of the tiffs and dngs Roxy, start from scratch...' but some of them were edited to how I liked it, so I decided to keep both for now.

Once I've done the merging and have all my files in one location (in relevant folders of course), which should I delete (if unedited) - dngs? Or does it not matter? I'm only going to edit those files for practice or for use on my website. There are also some images of my kids that will be (finally) very lightly edited, turned to jpgs for keeps. From now ion, Bridge should keep me on a straight and narrow. 



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