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This computer look okay for a humble retoucher?

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It's fine. Some Power Supplies are "better," meaning "well regarded." I personally like EVGA Power Supplies. Such as this one, but take a look at that price-tag...that's a little less than A$500. I just installed one of these more affordable EVGA Power Supplies in a friend's computer, and if I were building my computer, this one would be the one I'd purchase:

EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G5, 80 Plus Gold 850W

See if they have that Power Supply in stock (have the Oz equivalent) and could add it to your build.

The difference between the two? Higher Grade Components internally. If you were doing all sorts of crazy things, Overclocking, Liquid Cooling, running a High End Video Card that is also performing at the Maximum...then you want a really beefy power supply. For the average person editing photos, such as yourself, you don't need a A$500 Power Supply. ;) 

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