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Glass glare

Inês Maia

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Hello Damien, i need your expertise to deal witha glass glare 😔

Attached is the cropped section of the problem in question.

Btw, i haven't got the chance of getting a screen calibrator, so my screen is uncalibrated at the moment...


Thank you very much in advance!!


ups, forgot the photo 😅


here it goes now


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1. Add a Channel Mixer layer, and check the "Monochrome" box.  Then enter +100, 0, 0, 0 in the four fields.  This will make the whole photo black-and-white.

2. Add a Levels layer and clip it to the Channel Mixer layer.  Enter these values:

  • Red channel: 0/1.10/255 and 0/255
  • Green channel: 0/1.00/255 and 0/210
  • Blue channel: 0/0.85/255 and 0/205

This will make the whole photo kinda skin-coloured.

3. Return to the Channel Mixer layer and invert the mask.  Then paint onto the glare area.



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