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Bridge Doesn't Recognize My Z8

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Good afternoon (here, anyway), Brian.

I have spent most of the day researching, updating, reading your content, etc., and I'm still stumped, so I hope that you can point me in the right direction.  

I recently purchased a Nikon Z8, and I love it, although you and Damien seem to be in another camp.  The problem I'm having isn't with the camera, but rather with Bridge not recognizing my Z8 on the SanDisk Extreme PRO CFexpress card.  For my first set of photos, I used this card plus the regular SanDisk Extreme Pro smaller card as backup, so I have the same photos on each card.  I purchased a new card reader (CFexpress/SD Card Reader USB C, 10Gbps CFexpress Type B Card Reader); it works fine with the smaller SD card.  However, when I plug in the CFexpress B, Bridge keeps giving me the "device not found" message.  I 1) updated Bridge, 2) restarted my PC and Bridge, 3) reset Bridge, and 4) curled in a ball and sobbed (not really, but I could have).  Nothing I did made any difference; Bridge still won't recognize the camera on the CFexpress.  I put the card back in the camera to make certain that the photos were there; they look fine.  Oh, and I opened another CFexpress card and took a few photos just to ensure that the problem wasn't a bad card.  Also, as in one of the photos, the card reader itself seems to recognize NIKON Z 8. 

I see online that this seems to be an issue, but I couldn't find any solutions to the problem.  I looked in Nikon's Reference Guide, and it looks like I have to download their NX Studio for a direct transfer from camera to PC?  Or maybe I'm just too fried at this point to decipher their manual.  I started to download NX Studio, but got a message that it might harm my device, so I quit.  Is it possible to have a bad card reader?  After seeing that I'm not the only one with this issue, I'm not looking too hard at that being the culprit.  

I'm so hoping that you can, if not fix my dilemma, at least point me to a workaround.  I'm attaching a slug of files that may or may not be relevant.  Thank you.  

CFexpress none detected.jpeg


SD OK.jpeg



In camera.jpeg

Raw +.jpeg

Screenshot 2024-02-01 170017.png

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3 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

What about when you copy the files from the card to your computer?  Does Bridge recognise them after that?

Damien, thanks for your reply.  It's been so long since I've used anything but a card reader, I can't even remember how to do that.  I looked all over at the manual, and it has so much information about wi fi, lan, etc., my brain went blank.  Can I just connect the camera to the PC with the USB?  What happens next?  I'm expecting it to blow up-I know that sounds dumb, but you have gotten me dependent on the reader.  

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8 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

No, the card reader is the correct thing to use.

I mean  don't do this stupid shit:

Just literally copy the files from the card to a folder on your computer.

Seriously?  Do I have to admit to you how long I've been doing "this stupid shit"?  As in "forever"?  Yes, the photos are all there, in their NEF glory.  You must really get some doozies, but I hope that this isn't the worst.  Thank you for fixing in about thirty seconds what I apparently couldn't in a million years.  I'm heading off to the beer section-to donate, not for me to consume. 

Screenshot 2024-02-01 174012.png

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2 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

PLEASE read the Bridge Class again.  If you've forgotten this, how much else have you forgotten?

Too much.  Back to Class for me.  Thank you. 

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Mirrorless is fine. It's just the "Recent Darling" of the industry; the one who has "IT." Whatever "IT" is...

Anyway, like I said...Mirrorless is fine. It is just highly recommended that you use the Mirrorless Z Lenses to go with that Z8. Since I have personally have invested THOUSANDS into gear, like at least $16,000 worth of thousands, I am in no mood to replace my kit anytime soon. (Yes, even though Marketing will convince you that the FTZ Adapter is all you need. I call Bullshit. You really need to use Mirrorless Lenses with a Mirrorless Body for the best results.) Anyway, back to your problem.

I have to ask one thing...what version of firmware are you running on your Z8? You should be running 1.01. To check follow these instructions:

  1. Turn the camera on.
  2. Press the camera MENU button and select [Firmware version] in the [SETUP MENU] to display the camera firmware version.
  3. Check the camera firmware version.
  4. Turn the camera off.

Like I said, Z 8 “C” Firmware Version 1.01 is the latest version. If you are at version 1.00, you will want to stay current.

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