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Big problem?

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Yep, Damien is right. No new Photoshop for you! The latest version does not like your video card and/or its drivers. 

Stay on PS CC 23, and start saving for a new laptop. 

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@Janice Smith - For your reading pleasure on the "why" I'm recommending to start saving. You can no longer blindly upgrade PS CC as Adobe is adding more-and-more AI Crap and depending on a beefy video card in order to function. You must purchase a laptop that you need and not one you can afford. Those are two completely two different things. I recommend at least saving up $2500 or more.

Today's Modern Photoshop

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You have that backwards...


But people have a love-affair with laptops, and wouldn't stop bugging me about it. They can't be chained to a desk! They must be free!! They need to edit in the Living Room, the Dining Room, the Kitchen, with crappy ambient/florescent light and all, because they "...need to keep an eye on their kiddos." They NEED to edit by the Pool, and edit in the Car/Mini Van, while sitting in the passenger seat, headed to vacation/holiday. They have Fall Minis to edit!! Spring Minis!! Minis! Minis! Minis!! Senior Sessions!! Newborns!! Family Sessions!!! WEDDINGS THAT BRIDES ARE BUGGING THEM ABOUT!!! (Yes, the editing by the Pool & in the Car were actual statements/requests by former members.) People don't edit. They run Actions and puke all over their photos. My wife can now spot White Balance issues with images that she sees, due to me, and she's an Accountant!

"What's a good laptop for photo editing? I need a laptop. I want a laptop! I hate a desktop, and want a laptop. I want to buy a Laptop..."


So no, I'm sorry you misunderstood. I only recommend laptops for photo editing because I'm tired of fighting. People have worn me down, and I just don't care anymore. I want people to edit in a color controlled environment, a room without windows with a neutral paint color on the walls. Editing on a 27" IPS Matte / Non-Glossy Screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 that's easy to Calibrate. With a Desktop Computer that's powerful enough to handle all the AI Bullshit that Adobe is adding to keep people hooked on the Subscription Software Model. Otherwise, Photoshop CC isn't THAT much different than CS6.

Essentially, the equivalent to a Dark Room in yesterday's era.

Edit: I thought you were on a Laptop, not a Desktop. My Bad.

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