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Hi Damien,

I'm designing a website for a friend and the person who designed this logo only gave her this image only. But .. i need it with a transparent background. My friend got back in touch with the designer but she can't find it, as it's been a few months since she did it, so she just run it through Canva 'transparent background' and sent it back (still with a white background). 

So I was wondering, is there a quick way to remove background? The option on it's own has never worked well for me in the photoshop, so wonder if you have any tricks up your sleeve?

Obviously the designer is cool with it. 

Many thanks

Pure Light Logo.PNG

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This is my (very sloppy) attempt, the left over bits cannot be done, as PS starts removing the colour too. It's ok, on a grand scheme, no-one is going to notice the imperfections but I'd like to do better. The inner critic is not happy with sloppiness lol. 

Rose Code Logo fin.png

Rose Code Logo fin2.png

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