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ACR to Ps and back to ACR

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For the life of me, I can't remember if you addressed this in your Bridge or Raw Classes:

After going through the ACR flow chart, I opened the photo in Ps. I wanted to take note of the WB temperature so went to Ps > Filter > Camera Raw Filter. Once ACR opens, all sliders are defaulted to 0 and WB is limited to As Shot, Auto, or Custom (the presets aren't available).

Albeit I can make temperature adjustments in Ps, it's best to get it exactly the way I want in ACR before clicking Done or Open in ACR.

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Pressing Open finalizes the photo; opening it in ACR has limited WB options - all sliders are zero. I guess this is what's meant by "demosaics it into an image". A term I'm not all too familiar with.


Open” does just that. It applies your edits to the Raw file, demosaics it into an image, and opens the image in Photoshop. It also records your Raw adjustments to the XMP file.

My takeaway: don't press Open unless I'm 100% certain my raw processing is the way I want it to be.

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