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21 hours ago, Christina Keddie said:

Which Yongnuo models have you had, and what frustrated you about them?

I've switched to all YN600 units and absolutely love them.  But if you can tell us why you're looking to switch, we can provide better input!

I've gone through 3  of the YN-468II. They don't always seem to fire and my last one kept randomly shutting off. I just never found them to be reliable. It would start out ok and then over time would not function properly. I have the YN-685 now and it seems better but not completely convinced.


6 hours ago, Brian said:

I particularly do not like the "Kung-Pow!!" Flashes. Others, like Christina, swear by them. :) 

Have you seen the LumoPro LP-180?

LumoPro LP180 Official Strobist Flash


I have heard of the LumoPro. I will check it out. Thanks.



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