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More help with glasses


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Hi Damien, my problem is pretty much the same as this thread:

I downloaded the PSD and played with the various levels in the red, green and blue (is "channels" the right word here?) in the levels dialogue box, and while I could see the change I couldn't get the colour balance right. How do you know which channels to adjust and which way? Just tinkering and experience? I'm trying to reduce the purple coating.

Thank you!


glasses zoom.jpg

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Ha, yes it is - sorry, I was going quickly and pre-coffee, trying to catch you before you went to bed. There's more or less a full session of them. Probably five to ten that will need the fix. If you can set me on the right direction, I can tweak the rest - I hope. Is that how you go? Just play with the channels until you find the formula.

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