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working in 16bit and changing to 8bit


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Hi there,

I am working to reduce banding.  Damien says to edit in 16bit (I have changed ACR to 16bit), but after I edit in CS6, I change Image -> Mode -> 8bit and save as a jpg.  

Am I ruining the effects of changing to 16bit by a) changing to 8bit to save, and or b) saving as a jpg.

I am also running the noise pattern from Damien's tutorial prior to saving.  

Any thoughts on this is appreciated.  



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"If you need to modify a background in PS, but can’t bear the thought of replacing it completely, then work in 16-bit to be as safe as you can."

I need to modify often.  I work with newborns on white backdrops and often have to paint and modify.  I am trying to create the best RAW image to work from knowing I need to modify.  

I don't have an image in particular as you're requesting, I am asking in 'general', what is the best way to shoot and edit (to minimize banding).  Then back to my 16bit changing to 8bit question.  Does changing it to save as jpg negate the benefits of 16bit?  

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Again, it is not image specific that I am referring to.  It is concept.  Setting myself up for success.  This image is one I shot recently and really noticed the banding on.  It is 8bit, though.  I am not at my studio at the moment to show you one of my images from yesterday that I changed to 16bit in ACR before editing.  


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