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Quickest way to make the background 100 white


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light it properly to begin with is the best way.  Why on earth would you want to do this in post to 1000 images?  I digress.

open a levels layer, choose the white dropper, and click on the darkest 'white' area.  I imagine there's going to be masking involved no matter what though, you're going to have an issue with the top of the box.

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Got it sorted thank you.  Cut out white Damien - they don't want any shadow - i'm using the quick selection tool, then inverting, then levels to push the background to 100% white. If you've a better option, then please "enlighten" me ;) 


Crystal, item was lit using a lightbox.

And I'm doing it 1000+ times as someone wants it done, and is willing to pay for it. Outside of that I ask no questions and I hear no lies.


Image is my "fix"


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I open a curves layer on the white objects and throw the colours askew, then delete it once I've it I've everything selected - Cheers for the reply, good to have another method in there.


Also only seeing the new set-up. Very nice and best of luck with it.

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