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Question about your laptop recommendation

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Brian, I am researching a new laptop, read all the comments and it appears in July that you recommended:


However it APPEARS?? to have a Touchscreen and I read your comments that they are almost impossible to calibrate. Does it have a Touchscreen and do you still recommend this laptop?

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Are they impossible to calibrate?

Impossible is relative. It may not be truly impossible, but is extremely difficult to calibrate, at least on the first 10-20 tries. The real question you should be asking is...

"How much money do I have set aside for Vodka or Tequila? Is there enough left over for the aspirin for the hangover after trying to calibrate the damn thing?"

Truth be told, I DO NOT RECOMMEND LAPTOPS FOR PHOTO EDITING. PERIOD. I just don't. But I got tired of arguing, because so many members have love-affairs with laptops. SMDH

Personally, I'd get this one:


See these specs?  This is what you look for:

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.27.03 PM.png

That's what I keep stating to look for over-and-over-and-over again. Thread after thread after thread. I just don't understand why people are so afraid.

  • i5 or i7 CPU
  • 1TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive at a Minimum
  • 8GB RAM, 16GB RAM Preferred
  • A Video Card that has separate and dedicated Video Memory
  • A Display that is IPS Based.
  • Windows 10 Home, but I prefer Windows 10 Pro cause I'm a techno-weenie like that and need the "Pro" features. In reality for the average user, either is fine.

If you don't find a unit that meets those 5 hardware requirements, then I'm not going to recommend it for photo editing. Windows 10 is the standard thing you get these days. Don't make it harder than it is. It's just 5 things to look for. LOL!!

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For those wondering, in order for an i7 Processor to be truly faster than a i5, the software needs to be programed to take advantage of the architecture of the i7 that makes it so fast. Photoshop is not programmed to take advantage of these features. In fact, there is only about a 5-7% performance boost with a i7 over a i5 when it comes to PS. That said, if you do anything with video editing, or play video games, then the i7 is the better choice between the two, hands down. Photoshop? No-so-much. In fact, it's better to have 16GB - 32GB of RAM, and a beefy video card with 2-4GB of Video RAM to make PS run fast.

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Hi Brian, tagging onto this thread as it picks up on the link you included as an option for a recommended laptop (for those of us that think we have to have a laptop)... Two questions. Firstly, the one you have linked is no longer available but a similar one is.


The only issue I see is that it does not mention it is an IPS based screen rather an anti glare screen. Wondering what your thoughts are on that? Also for editing purposes is it reasonable to have the laptop and connect up to a decent standard monitor? Thanks very much in advance.

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Here is the thing with laptops...the models only last about 3 months until they are replaced by other models. So it doesn't surprise me that the model that I linked to is no longer available. That said, it is a good model specification / feature-wise to look at the current models. Use them as a guide. Gone are the days of having a Spring-Line / Fall-Line, well Apple seems to keep with this tradition, now it's a "You see it, like it...well buy it. Because it won't be available next week..." type of thinking.

Laptops these days, ones that are under $500 I'd expect to get 12-18 months of life out of them, ones that are around $1000 (give or take,) about 3 years. Even fancy $4000 MacBook Pros I'd only expect 3-4 years out of them. Of course there are exceptions, but my remarks stand. 

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