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Updating background & modernising Old baby photos


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Hiya, I would like to change the background of all three old baby photos to something more grey and modern.

I thought about using the cream carpet in all photos for babies to be sitting on or im happy to make it all grey if it looks realistic.

So far these photos are all scanned in as i dont have the equipment to make bigger scans, though I have taken photos of them to try make them bigger but i will play with those once i have an idea of what to do.

Can anyone point me in the direct of finding something realistic please?




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Yep, I reckon this is feasible.  It won't be exactly easy, but I'm confident it's possible.

I think you should set up the rug/backdrop exactly how you want it in your studio.  I'd suggest cream if possible.  Put a wine bottle or something where the kid would be, to focus on.

Once you have a few photos of the setup, we can talk about the transposition.

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Hi Damien,

I currently dont have that sort of set up available as i normally photograph outside but haven't been shooting for quite a while. My partner's mother came to me and asked if i can restore or clean them up at all and i thought to redo the background and make it all consistent and modern.

I'm not sure how i would achieve the lighting to mimic all three photos or is that not such a huge issue?

I dont suppose there is a way to do this without physically setting something up? Would it make it far more difficult to do without the new background set up? I might go and have a play and see if i can work something out with natural light it might help me achieve some shadowing to use maybe.

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If you can show me how it will look on the same photo thats the one im having the most trouble with.
Im struggling with the hair if i am to make it them all on the dark background but then im trying to decide on what looks better light or dark background for all of them.
I'm trying to edit them  in the usual process with raw and then colour correct them so and fix contrast etc etc. but its looking so odd to me. This is an example of what i've done so far.


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I like the look of the light one you showed me but then i cant get it to look right once ive gone through and finished editing the contrast in the photo and colour correction etc. It seems as if the yellow comes out in the rug and then the background is alot more grey or pink. Is this what you are seeing?


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