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I am trying to prepare this photo for a 16x20 finished canvas.  The lab requires 4.25" total additional wrap space.  I am trying to follow your tutorial on preparing for canvas and have made it 20x24.  I'm trying to stretch the sides (3 out of the 4) but it only allows me to rastersize one side.  Am I doing something wrong?  I can transform the image more to make the left side meet the edge but I need to stretch the other two sides still.  If it won't work, I can pick a different photo.

Canvas Attempt.jpg

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The photo is uncropped originally.  That is me using the transform sides (the corners with shift held down) to transform the photo to get it to fit the 16x20 front of the canvas.  The original is attached and so is a screen shot of the above.

DSC_2317Color.jpgDamien question.JPG

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