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Resizing and saving image for client

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Hi there,

I just found your page and love it! Thank you!

i have a question on how to save an image for the customer. I usually edit the image in PS CC and at the end have an action that says 'resize and sharpen' (I will sign up for your sharpening class after writing this). I usually resize it from original size to 8x10 and the resolution at 300 PPI. Extra sharpen if necessary. But usually it will start looking grainy.

I don't do anything else (because I also don't quite understand all the other options). Is that the right way? I bet there is a better way? And can the customer print any size with that without loosing the quality? Also will you explain in your class what all the other options mean? ?

Thank you so much in adavance and can't wait to sign up for  your class!




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Ok, i got it! Thank you! I also got it that offering prints myself is much better but I am at the beginning and learn so much every day. Thanks so much Damian, Can't wait for the sharpening class! 

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