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Laptop with menus to control contrast, brightness and color.

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Dear Damien,

For the X-Rite i1 Display Pro, you have separate tutorials for Desktop screens vs Laptops & Macs.

This, based on the presence of buttons or menus to adjust contrast, brightness and color on most desktop screens.

And you implicate that all laptops have screens with no adjustability other than their brightness.

However, in the graphical settings (Intel HD Graphics Control Panel) of my Hp Zbook I have a menu to adjust contrast, gamma (default = 1) and color saturation. (Although the contrast settings are "not real", as increasing this just makes everything more bright),

So should I consider using the tutorial for desktops or just still use the tutorial for Laptops?

Best regards


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Haha ok, that's clear, thanks..

Ye I succeeded in getting pretty good results, it's really much better, thanks for your tutorial.

Just one thing... you have an idea how I could solve this?

I just keep on having trouble with blue colors (less intense or greyish/purple), which is also visible in the Curves and Quality assessment (higher Delta E for Blues, not shown). I tried a lot of different settings, but the blue line keeps on deviating,

Curve calibr.pngGraph Calibr.png




Curve Calibration.png

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